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Find everything going on in Marrakech. Lots of tips and recommendations also included. In Marrakech there is always something going on, at any time of day, on every day of the year.
There’s no shortage of events, entertainment, culture, and other highlights to enjoy.

Marrakech Marathon

Run like there’s a carpet salesman after you from the Djemaa to the palmeraie and back for this annual marathon.

Atlas Electronic
Atlas Electronic celebrates world music, arts and culture in a four-day electro festival set amid the shaded palm groves and luxury nomadic desert camping of an ecolodge. Groove your way through daytime workshops, yoga classes and exhibitions until local acts and international headliners take centre stage and provide the perfect tunes for some late-night partying in the Palmeraie.

August 30-2 September

Oasis Festival
Oasis brings together Morocco’s best electronica talent with DJs from Europe for a music festival with a distinctly Moroccan twist. In the afternoon there’s swimming, a souq, yoga and henna art; once dusk sets in the DJs hit the decks. In 2016 the festival was held at the Source hotel, 10km from the city, with shuttle transport available from the centre.

September 14-16

MadJazz Festival
Marrakech invents new sounds nightly with Gnaoua castanets, jazz riffs and Jimi Hendrix guitar licks.

MadJazz Festival – April 6 (eight edition)

Moonfest Takerkoust
This three-day festival takes place beside the lake of Lalla Takerkoust (only 35 km from Marrakech ). The festival comprises musical gigs including local and international rock band. You can not miss it, 3 days of music under the moon!

September 1-3

Marrakech Biennale

Promoting debate and dialogue through artistic exchange, this major trilingual (Arabic, French and English) festival invites local and international artists to create literary, artistic, architectural and digital works throughout the city. Held every other year (even years).

TEDx Marrakech
Like any self-respecting cultural capital, Marrakech has its own TEDx talkfest, where Marrakchi movers and shakers take on challenging themes such as ‘Driving Forces’ and ‘Coexistence or No Existence’.

Marrakech Festival of Popular Arts
The only thing hotter than Marrakesh in July is this free-form folk fest. Berber musicians, dancers and street performers from around the country pour into Marrakesh to thrill the masses.

Marrakech Marathon
Run like there’s a carpet salesman after you from the Djemaa to the palmeraie and back for this annual marathon.
Marrakech Marathon – January 26

Trans Atlas Marathon
Charity Bike Ride – Join us for a great stay while attending an amazing sport event in aid of a great cause.
Trans Atlas Marathon – Sunday 22 April