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Marrakech Attractions

Those who have ever paid a visit to Morocco will tell you that a journey there is incomplete without having explored the countless Marrakech attractions. This city is often viewed as the very heart of tourism in Morocco. It is described as “intense” for its scenery, its exotic aromas, its pace, its many museums and tourist spots, its blend of cultures, and its amazing Medina (market).

Ben Youssef Medersa

Currently closed for restoration works that are scheduled to be finished in 2019, this Quranic learning centre was once the largest in North Africa, and remains among the most splendid. ‘You who enter my door, may your highest hopes be exceeded’ reads the inscription over the entryway, and after almost six centuries, the blessing still works its charms on visitors. Sight lines are lifted in the entry with carved Atlas cedar cupolas and mashrabiyya (wooden-lattice screen) balconies, while the courtyard is a mind-boggling profusion of Hispano-Moresque ornament: five-colour zellij walls, stucco archways, cedar windows, and a marble mihrab (niche in a mosque indicating the direction of Mecca).

Bahia Palace – The Extravagant Home of a Former Slave

The Bahia Palace, meaning brilliance in Arabic, is perhaps one of the best-preserved historical sites and certainly most interesting in Marrakech. Built between 1866 and 1867 by Si Moussa, this sprawling palace is set over two acres in the middle of the Marrakech medina and features 150 rooms, including a harem section located just off the sun-filled Court of Honour.

Djemaa el-Fna